Another daily blog update?!

Today, I have procrastinated more than I think was possible.


I did, however, manage to implement a score-keeping system into my game, which is one of the more important mechanics of the game itself.


It is nothing special at the moment, and could probably do with optimising (that’ll probably happen once the game starts to take a more complete shape), but it works, and allows me to try out smaller features, like when you reach x amount of points, you complete the level, etc.


More info to come soon (probably tomorrow at this rate!)



Site theme changed!

As you can see, there is now snow falling, and the background has changed.

This is a hint towards my current in-development game.


More info to come soon ;)




Welcome to my new website!

This site will be updated regularly, with news, info, and other cool things relating to my games, and possibly some other stuff too!


Be sure to stick around!